With over 40 species of exotic game located on the Harkey Ranch, we offer one of the best selections of exotic game within the United States. The ranch has multiple breeding herds of exotic game so there is a large selection when choosing your trophy. All breeding programs are focused around raising animals with heavy mass and symmetrical shape.

The exotic species available on the ranch range from your most common exotics such as Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Blackbuck Antelope to your more rare species such as Black Wildebeest, Hog Deer, Kudu, and Caucasian Tur. The Harkey Ranch welcomes both archery and rifle hunters. Please note that wounded game is considered a kill and trophy fees will apply accordingly. A state of the art processing facility is also available on the ranch that includes a large walk-in cooler, stainless steel sinks and tables, and electric winches. The entire facility has floor drains to ensure your hides and meat stay as clean as possible for further processing. We can provide a local taxidermist for your mounts or can ship to a taxidermist or your choice. Meat processing is also available.

Please view our gallery for some of the other trophies taken from the ranch.